21 December, 2006

Feliz Natal

Um Natal muito feliz...

11 December, 2006


Vamos ser somente uma alma e contemplar a noite com um sorriso no coração,
vamos somente amarmo-nos de forma a perdermo-nos um no outro.

08 December, 2006


"Crazy but I'm relieved this time
Begging for sweet relief of blessing empty sky

Dying behind these tired eyes
I've been loosing sleep
Please come to me

Hands on a miracle
I got my hands on a miracle
Leave it or not, hands on a miracle
And there ain't no way
Let you take it away

Everything that we survived
It's gonna be alright
Just lucky we're alive
Got no vision I've been blind
Searching every way you're right here in my sights"

Foo Fighters
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